Eric Duer
M Ed. Special Education Transition, CESP

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I am originally from the a little town in Oregon. Growing up, I avoided hard work at all costs.  Not understanding my talents or interests, I moved from job to job. However, I did learn to be an entrepreneur and I liked working for myself.  It took a few years after high school to know my calling, I wanted to be a teacher. While in college, I started a window cleaning business that grew fast. I was able to learn how to employ people and build relationships with other businesses. After some years, I sold the  business before moving to East Coast.  I returned to the classroom to work with students with disabilities.  As an Employment and Transition Representative with Fairfax County Public Schools, I have had the honor of working with an incredibly diverse group of students with disabilities and fantastic educators.  Additionally, I have gained great experience from working in schools in Washington, D.C.,  and Montgomery County Public Schools.  While studying from the best Special Education Transition academics in the country at George Washington University, I learned best practices in the field and made great professional connections. 

Assisting students to exit high school with real- world 21st century skills is the goal of STEMSKILLS.   I specialize in assessments, pre-employment skills and workforce development for students with autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities that will help them find their dream career.   

Many students may not know their strengths and interests but they understand and thrive with technology.  That is why STEMSKILLS helps them discover good career matches and the tools to retain these jobs. Exploring different vocations and gaining skills to become employed is our goal.  Students will gain pre-employment skills with companies who are innovative STEM companies.