We are CONTINUOUSLY looking to partner with new innovative companies for job exploration, internships, apprenticeships and customized employment.  Reach out to us.

  • tech companies
  • construction companies
  • government agencies
  • health industries
  • manufacturing


STEMSKILLS believes that diversity and inclusion will lead to innovation in business.  Developing employment exploration, internships, apprenticeships, and finally employment. 

  • Incorporating people with different abilities and learning styles allows your business to truly "think outside of the box"
  • Young people with disabilities are thriving in the workplace due to being tech-minded, artistic, focus-driven, and consistently looking to improve.
  • The ability to train young people using an apprenticeship model will allow your business to have long-lasting and highly developed workers. 

STEMSKILLS will offer support on the job.  Through the  Discovery assessment process we find the right fit of the young person for your business.  Social skills training will help the young people understand and thrive in your work culture.