STEM Skills Testimonials

National Archives

"It was a joy to welcome the STEM Skills summer program participants to the National Archives in July.  My colleagues and I were impressed at the kids' interest in museum exhibits, as well as their insights and ideas regarding the technologies used in our interactive displays.  They had a keen sense of what was effective and what was outdated.  They shared constructive and creative suggestions about how to update the older exhibit technologies.  I had asked my interns to participate in the tour, and each of them commented on the meaningful experience."

National Archives


"I believe STEM Skills is an amazing program that truly cares about the kids. They seemed very comfortable around yourself and your intern and interacted wonderfully with you both. I believe they’re getting exposed to many different environments which is important and are gaining skills that will improve their lives overall."

Keep up the great work!



"The excitement we received from the kids was fabulous and hoped they were able to learn more about what Tesla has to offer them. If you decide to have us host your class again, I think it would be fruitful to have a more structured presentation which we can certainly put together. We hope to have the STEM Skills summer program back!"


Hensel Phelps Construction


"The opportunities you created for the participants are exciting and inspirational.  From a company perspective, the level of effort requested from our team to organize the event was minimal relative to the enjoyment we had in engaging with you and the kids. Overall, we would gladly participate again if given the opportunity to do so."

Hensel Phelps Construction

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Parent testimonials

"Paul enjoyed the various outings to the STEM businesses. He seemed to be intrigued in particular by meeting an intern at one of the companies who was his same age, as that resulted in his imagining himself being able to do something similar.

Paul felt that his exposure to the companies was valuable in terms of knowing what options he may have for employment in the future, which he would never have the opportunity to learn otherwise.

Thank you for starting this program!"


"Let us start by thanking you for your detailed email regarding Amir's experience this summer. On talking to Amir daily after camp, it was pretty obvious that he was feeling very accomplished and proud.

We truly are very pleased to learn that Amir behaved maturely at the various job sites, and that he participated and complied without any issues. This performance is very encouraging to us as our goal for Amir is to attain the skills necessary to find a job that fits his capabilities and interests. Camps like Stem Skills are what give Amir the opportunity to pursue these goals and provide a better chance of achieving them. As parents that want to secure the best future for our son, we feel he is definitely on the right path.

Thanks again for the encouraging feedback on Amir’s experience. It is reassuring to see Amir out and about discovering the real world."


What are the kids saying?

"It can provide great activities and allow you to learn and explore the workplace"

STEM Skills student

"I thought the camp was very useful in giving impressions of possible job opportunities to young adults with disabilities who were into STEM"

STEM SKills student